Six St. Petersburg Restaurants Included In Global Top-1000 By La Liste

La Liste, a rather newly founded French-based restaurant rating, included six St. Petersburg eateries in its 1000 best restaurants worldwide list for the year 2017, and one of them got the highest rank in Russia leaving behind its competitors from both St. Petersburg and Moscow. A would-be competitor to the Michelin is based on a combination of multiple sources and that’s why it is worth paying some attention. We give you the names and addresses of the local “La Listed” establishments.

While St. Petersburg and Russia as a whole have not got any Michelin-starred restaurants, any inclusion of local culinary into an international rating is helpful in orientating oneself in numerous options and making the right choice.

The full List 2017 is available at the La Liste’s website here.

The rating claims that it researches about 400 guides and publications as well as consumer reviews and thus its marks can be regarded as trustworthy. The algorithm is rather complicated, it is similar to one used by web search engines like Google to some degree. What we know exactly from the method’s description is that customer reviews are given a weighting of 25% in the final score.

The grade system ranks restaurants from 0 as a minimum to 100 as a maximum, and the list features those of the 80-100 range.
So, St. Petersburg local hit-parade by La Liste looks like that (not in order from the list, but in an alphabet order since we cannot see what’s the difference between, for example, 85.00 and 85.50 – what should it mean in terms of cuisine and customer service, after all?).

1. Europe

Score: 86.25 (the highest rank not only in St. Petersburg, but in Russia)

Average bill: 6700 rubles
Cuisine: European, Russian
Address: 1/7, Mikhailovskaya street (Belmond Grand Hotel Europe)
Website: http://www.belmond.com/ru/grand-hotel-europe-st-petersburg/restaurants_europe

2. La Marée

Score: 84.75

Average bill: 5000 rubles
Cuisine: Seafood
Address: 34, Suvorovsky avenue
Website: http://www.lamaree.ru/en/rest/, http://www.lamaree-spb.ru/

3. Letniy Dvorets (Summer Palace)
Score: 84.50
Cuisine: Russian cuisine with a slight European accent
Address: Peterhof road, 130-7
Website: http://en.summerpalace.ru/
See our post about getting to Peterhof here.

4. Russkaya Ryumochnaya №1 (Russian Vodka Room №1)
Score: 85.25
Cuisine: Russian
Address: 4, Konnogvardeyskiy boulevard
Website: http://www.vodkaroom.ru/en

5. Russkiy Ampir (Russian Empir)
Score: 85.25
Cuisine: Russian
Address: 17, Nevsky avenue (The Stroganoff Palace)
Website: http://russianampir.ru/en/

6. Sevilla

Score: 85.00
Cuisine: Mediterranean with a Spanish accent
Address: 2-4, Birzhevoy alleyway
Website: https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/st-petersburg/sokos-hotel-palace-bridge/restaurants

Cover photo credit: La Marée

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